Quickoffice for PC Download Guide available on Windows 7/8

Hello friends, you must have heard that Google had made its official office app for Android devices for free. It’s named Quickoffice and available on the official Google Play store at no price i.e. for free.

It is completely integrated with the Google Drive and other Google services and this particular feature further makes it easier for users to start using and loving it. Over here I’m going to share an installation guide on how to get Quickoffice for PC download and this guide is going to work on Windows computers for free.

So I’ll be sharing features of this app first so that you all can come to know what actually this app about and why Google made it free and later I’ll be sharing its simple installation guide.

About Quickoffice for PC

Features of Quickoffice (special ones)

It comes with Google Doc, presentation and sheet. So you can create any kind of document on the go right on your device.

It got a simple user interface which makes using any of its tools and features pretty easily.

You can easily open any document available on your device and can create new ones.

Documents can either be saved online on the Google Drive or even on the local drives.

All Google services are available inside through Google Drive which makes user experience further better.

Quickoffice for PC Download

Quickoffice for PC Download Windows Guide

Over here I’m sharing the installation process which you need to follow as it is to get the job done easily. You simply need to follow below mentioned guide in order to successfully and easily perform the installation of this app on your Windows computer.

Process is going to be the simple and believe me you’re going to do it easily. Just make sure that the graphics driver version of your PC is updated to the latest version and also your system is connected to the internet.

  1. Simply download the BlueStacks software on your computer first which is available for free on its official website for Windows. It’s trusted and used by millions of users from all around the world.
  2. Next you need to click on the installer file you downloaded and then follow on screen instructions to complete the installation of this software. The process is going to be easy and you simply need to follow the steps.
  3. Once software is ready to use then start it and there you will see a search tool included within. You simply need to click on that.
  4. Now enter Quickoffice name and hit enter to start the search.
  5. At last, click on ‘Install’ option to complete the installation of this app on your Windows computer.

This is all needed to be done to get the app installed on your computer. Not to forget that the app was available for free and the complete process is also free to use so you don’t need to pay anything. I just hope that you share this Quickoffice for PC download guide with your friends.

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